SAve woodmansterne greenbelt


                SAVE OUR FIELD  !    SAVE OUR HEDGEROW !
                SAVE OUR TREES !   SAVE OUR PATHWAYS !



If you go down to the field today you’re sure of a big surprise….

That will be the 3 senior citizen lurking in the bushes! No Woodmansterne hasn’t become a hotbed of vice for the elderly. They were doing a necessaryl task, measuring the distance from the footpath to the boundary. In some instances this field margin is 16metres wide and, if SESW plc get their way and remove 55metres of hedgerow on the Rectory Lane side, will be essential for the wildlife to escape to.
Unfortunately SESW have got their eye on the field margins too. They want them cleared back to the fence line( so much for their promises concerning wildlife)

The process to claim these footpaths as PROW s formally started yesterday when your forms were submitted to Surrey County Council ( If you haven’t returned your form please do so as they will still accept them at a later stage) If a PROW is established, it is from the existing line of the path hence the need to map the established footpath just in case there is any dispute later.

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  • Ever felt duped?
    Our goverments manifesto 2015 states on page 53 that they will make it easier for local people to have a say in planning and will save our greenbelt !


Thank you to everyone who turned up on the lovely sunny morning of September 6th for our WALK THE WALK event.                            There was a gathering of over two hundred , lovely to see so many of our four legged friends . We all enjoyed a lovely family walk around the field's perimeter footpaths . A warm and friendly community spirit was enjoyed by all.      For pictures of the event  visit  photo gallery


We now have evidence of slow worms to add to our ever increasing list of wildlife inhabiting this area.    photo gallery


Follow the link below to see how Crispin Blunt our MP for Reigate and Banstead has promised to support us :

Thank you to Chris Philp ( MP coulsdon ) for supporting this campaign.

Thank you to councillor Tim Crowley for your support and joining our walk the walk event .

The Planning for DET03  lanscaping and DET04 boundary  are presently remaining open for comments. This is due to SESW submitting revised plans .