SAve woodmansterne greenbelt


                SAVE OUR FIELD  !    SAVE OUR HEDGEROW !
                SAVE OUR TREES !   SAVE OUR PATHWAYS !


The Story 

A decade ago Sutton & East Surrey water sold off a large area of their site for development . This area had several soakaway lagoons/ reservoirs, which the company claimed were no longer required and redundant.

 Last year they applied for planning permission to build a new treatment building on their site. They did not declare at the time that this would be built over their existing lagoon and would therefore be dependent on an external location for a new lagoon. Would our councillors have passed this if they had been given this information?

The next stage was to acquire planning for Drakes Field (greenbelt land).  A few letters were sent out to immediate neighbours, but misleading in it's description which just stated  ' East of Rectory Lane', not ' Drakes field ' (or ,as they are now describing it on their website, the field between Rectory Lane and Lyndhurst road ! ) The few people that recieved the letters mistakenly assumed it referred to their own site of land East of Rectory Lane. Apparently,  one site notice was posted  on a lamp post , which doesn't appear to have been seen by anyone !

This application was refused due to its location being too close to gas pipes. They then, in Feb 2015 submitted new plans . Again a few letters were sent out , but NO SITE NOTICE. Hence this only received two comments. Unbelievably, this managed to get passed by the planning office and our councillors . By the time we the public,became aware of the situation it was too late. Our councillors had approved the application !

A  wastewater soakaway lagoon will be built in the far east side of Drakes field. (The Lyndhurst Road side).

This will be a cut and fill structure and will eventually be surrounded by 3m security railings and  hedges .

 55 metres of trees and hedgerows will be removed for an access road.This will be 6 metres wide with an additional path of 2 metres. (Why do they need an additional 2 metre path on the front entrance ?)

 In the original plans, the road would be  permanent and asphalted. ( SESW have recently resubmitted new plans for a type 1 stone surface) They claimed the original plans were an error ! The road will run the entire length of the site crossing at one point to another road which is to facilitate access to the remaining field for agricultural vehicles.( why SESW couldnt use this access route for this project is a mystery !)

The road will be 8 metres wide, whereas RectoryLane is just 5.5 metres .

The opening gateway will be 9m wide at its narrowest point and fronted with iron gates and railing fencing.

 2.4 m high security wire fencing will be placed around the boundary.This will block all access to the present footpaths

SESW have now come up with plans to offer a permissive pathway . This can be withdrawn at any time!  We are determined to get these footpaths registered as public rights of way. Please visit the  ../Action page for details.

During the 3 year construction phase , this site will house approx 20 storage containers and will resemble an industrial site.