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Drakes field


Greedy water company grabs greenbelt land for building depot !

Reigate and Banstead have already given planning permission for a soakaway lagoon and  road access entrance on this greenbelt land. This application appears to have slipped through the net without any local residents being aware. At present there are two planning conditions pending approval. These are for boundaries and landscaping inc road structure.

You can, at the moment, comment on both of these planning conditions  See Action

55 metres of hedgerow will be destroyed for an access road . This road will cross an adjoining access road and cover the entire width of the field.

A soakaway lagoon will be installed at the Lyndhurst Road, east side of Drakes field. This will eventually be surrounded by iron railings and a surrounding hedge .

During construction the entire site will be surrounded by 2.4m high wire fencing . This will restrict access to the trodden footpaths.

During the 3 yr construction period there will be approx 20 storage containers housed on this site.

The landowner has a buy back clause after a 3 yr period. This means at the end of construction he can buy back the remaining unused land from SESW but still allowing them access to the lagoon.

The main concern is that although this is designated as greenbelt, Reigate and Banstead have assesed this  as a potential site for  270 houses !  Shhsh ...we're not supposed to know that ! ( if you search hard enough on their website , you may be able to find details of this !)

YOU CAN STILL HAVE YOUR SAY .Visit our Action page for details of what you can do to help.

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